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Opportunity of your life

We're changing the game for service providers all over the United States. We've reached out to over 3,000 flooring retailers, retailer who are looking for a partner in the My Flooring Warranty® Program.

As an exclusive member of our program, we're bringing those retailers to you! Simply sign in below to gain access to this new feature of the My Flooring Warranty® Program.

Once inside, you'll choose the state you're in or service. and then you'll get a downloadable PDF list of all of the retailer partners in that state -- with their contact information!

To gain access to this new program feaure, simply enter the access code given to you by your Client Care Representative in the area below and click "Submit":

Access code:  



This retailer has received a DVD explaining our program, but our staff has not been able to make direct contact to follow up with the store owner.

Approach this retailer with ease. They may not have viewed the DVD just yet and are not aware of the program details. If this retailer is one that you'd specifically like to partner with you may do one of two things:

Preferred Choice: Contact your Client Care Specialists at My Flooring Warranty® and let us approach them on your behalf using our industry contacts to make the introduction.

Optional Choice: Contact them directly, but be prepared to do a full presentation.

This retailer has seen the program and enrolled their store with My Flooring Warranty®.. Feel free to contact them directly to make an appointment to meet. At this stage all you need to sell them on is you!

Once you've made this connection and they've agreed to select you as their service provider partner, have your new retail partner sign our "Retailer Letter of Agreement" form, send it into our offices to get them registered into your portal link. We'll set a launch date getting them properly trained.

A "bounty reward" has been posted: This flooring retailer has reviewed the program and enrolled. We are currently in search of the perfect service provider in their area to partner with them.

If you have a colleague or friend in this service industry that you would recommend for consideration within this specific geographic area, encourage them to contact the My Flooring Warranty® Offices immediately. They MUST specifically reference your name at the original point of contact for you to qualify for this reward. Once their application has been successfully completed and they've become an authorized service provider, you will receive a "bounty reward" check for $250.

This retailer has just been successfully assigned to a My Flooring Warranty® Service Provider Partner.

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